Junk Cars

Here at We Buy Junk Cars & Trucks, we rely on certain criteria to determine two things: whether we will accept an old or damaged car that is available and the amount of money that we are willing to give to the owner of the damaged or old car. We have been using these criteria on all our clients in Orange, CA and elsewhere, including places such as Garden Grove and Westminster for a long time. We believe that our criteria collectively form an effective way of making the right decisions when offering our clients cash for their junk cars.

One of the criteria that we usually use is that the car in question should be at least ten years old. We avoid taking cars that are less than ten years old because such cars are usually relatively new. Even if you have a car that has been completely damaged but which is less than ten years old, we usually avoid categorizing such a car as junk for obvious reasons. Another important criterion that we use when paying out cash for the junk cars that our clients offer us is that we only deal with individuals who are the real owners of the old cars. We usually ensure that the cars that we pay for are registered in the name of the persons we deal with. We use this approach to avoid violating the law by giving out cash to someone who is not the legal owner of the car that we are buying.

If you are in Orange, CA or anywhere else, for example in Garden Grove or Fountain Valley and you have a junk car that is registered in your name, you should consider getting in touch with us. If you meet these criteria, then call us for a quote.